ABS Recycling Plant Suppliers In Erode

ABS Recycling Plant Suppliers In Erode

ABS Recycling Plant Suppliers In Erode

ABS Recycling Plant Suppliers In Erode:

Our large and comprehensive variety of ABS Recycling Plants is a cutting-edge technology that was created and constructed especially to suit the industry’s rising demand for plastic. It is well integrated with extremely complex and cutting-edge technology and is offered to clients in many configurations and specifications to meet a range of client needs. Waste polymers are uniformly and effectively treated before being used to make products for a variety of industries.

Across industries, the recycling facility is well regarded for both its high output rate and low power usage. In strict accordance with industry norms, we manufacture the plant using high-quality parts and materials. The plants have great built-in production capacity, PLC control for user-friendly operation, VFD control to change motor speed, and screw and barrel for moisture removal.

• Use of Special Nitro Alloy Steel for Screw & Barrel resulting in long life and trouble-free operations
• Hydraulic screen changer Plant equipped
• All AC Motors with AC Frequency Drives
• Specially designed control panel for saving Power Consumption by synchronizing the system.

We Provide ABS Recycling Plant Suppliers In Erode.

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Email: rmechmachies@gmail.com

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