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A baling press is a waste management machine that compresses recyclable materials including paper, cardboard, and plastic into compact, manageable bundles (bales). A baling press, also known as a baler or baling machine, is a big steel chamber with an up-and-down pressing plate that presses the material inside. Waste collection firms collect the thick, compressed bales created by the press, which are then sent to recycling organisations for resale and reuse. A baling press is primarily used to compress recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, cans and drums, metal, and glass, though it can also be used to compress unusual items like automobile bumpers or clothing.

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Bale Press machines are typically employed in the commercial and industrial sectors by companies that generate this type of garbage in their everyday operations and want to dispose of it in a more environmentally friendly way. Food processing plants, hotels, supermarkets, wholesalers, warehouses, and restaurants are just a few of the industries that have seen a significant increase in the use of baling presses in recent years. Baling presses can be hydraulic or pneumatic, and businesses can select between the two depending on the volume of waste and the amount of maintenance they wish to pay

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Max Force Or Load60-90 Ton
Automatic GradeAutomatic
Voltage410 V
Bail Size1500 X1000mm
Electric Motor10 HP
Machine Weight1700 Kg
Platform Size1500 X 1000mm
PhaseThree Phase

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