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The LDPE washing system was designed to clean contaminated film or thin materials. The grinding machine is designed to create standardised particle sizes that are easy to wash and dry for film or thin materials. Friction The centrifugal force produced by the high-speed turning of the rotor is utilised to remove dirt and sand from the washer. On the top, floating materials such as film/labels made of LDPE/HDPE/PP are used, and on the bottom, sink materials such as PVC/PET/PC are used. Both have separate discharge points to collect different materials based on density. Horizontal dryers and thermal drying systems control the moisture content of the finished product. At a moisture level of less than 5%, the material is appropriate for high-quality pelletizing.

Specifications :

DesignR Mech
Cycle TimingStandard
Rated Capacity200
Size/Dimension100 x 80 feet
Motor Power100 HP
BrandR Mech Machines LLP
Loading TypeAutomatic
Usage/ApplicationLDPE Film Scrap Washing

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