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We are a well-known and well-liked company in this business, providing a high-quality range of Plastic Mixer. The provided mixer is appropriate for all types of plastic materials and is widely utilised in the plastic processing sector. This mixer is also utilised in various applications where small materials need to be mixed, such as material mixing, chemical and other industrial substance mixing, and so on.

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In the plastic, rubber, dyes, food, daily chemical, and other industries, mixing machines are widely used in the mixing, drying, and colouring of mixed materials. It Is One Of The Necessary Equipment Of Plastic Processing Plants, Due To Its Fast Mix, Even Mixture, Absorption Of A Good Plasticizer Of Resin, Machine Operation Is Convenient, Easy To Clean, Durable, Compact Structure, And So On. It has gradually replaced the low-speed mixing machine, which is widely used in the plastics industry.

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M. No.BodyRotary BladeHeightWidthLengthMotorPer Hour
9”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 5”1 Fit 5”2 Fit3 HP ( 1440RPM)35 To 45
12”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 8”2 Fit 2”2 Fit 6”5 HP ( 1440RPM)60 To 70
18”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix6 Fit3 Fit 2”5 Fit 5”15 HP ( 1440RPM)150 To 250
24”MS6 Rotary Blade 4 Fix6 Fit 6”3 Fit 6”5 Fit20 HP ( 1440RPM)250 To 350
36”MS12 Rotary Blade 4 Fix7 Fit4 Fit 6”6 Fit30 HP ( 1440RPM)350 To 500

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