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Ribbon mixers are a type of late-model mixing equipment that has great efficiency, homogeneity, and loading coefficient while also being minimal in energy cost, pollution, and crush. In just a few minutes, the double ribbon’s unique design blends the materials into a high level of homogeneity. Ribbon mixers, on the other hand, have a wide range of applications, from powder-liquid mixing to paste or high-specific-gravity materials (such as putty, truly stone paint, metal powder, and other materials), and have become one of the most common single shaft horizontal mixing equipment.

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The horizontal U-shaped mixing tank, driving mechanism, and ribbon agitator make up the Ribbon Mixer. Inner and outer double helical ribbon agitators are used to combine the mixing element. To form radially and laterally movement, the outer ribbon moves materials in one direction while the inner ribbon moves materials in the other direction. The substance will then be discharged through the middle discharge valve. Ribbon Blender is a versatile and effective blending equipment for homogeneously mixing dry grains and powders. Various materials can be gently mixed in a ribbon mixer, which is especially useful for food material mixing. In addition, a high-speed chopper can be used to break up some lumps during the blending process.

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Material GradeSS304
Country of OriginMade in India
BrandR Mech
MaterialStainless Steel
FinishingColor Coated
PhaseSingle Phase
Voltage240 V
Capacity300 kg/hr

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