Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Scrap Grinder Machine

Plastic Scrap Shredder Machine

Blade Sharpening Machine

Ribbon Blender Machine

Plastic Scrap Washing Machine

PET Flakes Washing Machine

PET Flakes Dryer Machine

Floating Tank Machine

Turbo Washing Machine

Fatka (Zapatiya) Machine

Dust Removal Machine

Bale Press Machine

PET Bottle Bale Opener Machine

PET Bottle Washer Machine

Screw Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Zig Zag Classifier Machine

Label separator machine

PET Bottle Label Scrapper Machine

Metal Detector Machine

Sorting Belt

Friction Washer Machine

PET Flakes Thermal Dryer Machine

Hot Washing Machine

Hydra Dryer Machine

Turbo Dryer Machine

PP PE Film Squeezer Machine

PET Flakes to Fiber Making Machine

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