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In our PET bottle washing line, the thermal dryer is the ultimate drying device. This continuous drying device, which uses high heat to dehydrate moisture from PET flakes, is strategically located after the dewatering machine, where moisture levels are initially decreased to around 20-30%. The heat dryer further decreases moisture levels to less than 1%.

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The heat drying machine is the last piece of equipment in our PET washing line’s drying operation, capable of lowering moisture levels to around 3%. Hot air is used to dehydrate water from PET flakes in thermal dryers. PET flakes are pulled out of the dewatering machine via a transport blower, which mixes wet PET flakes with hot air flowing through a lengthy line of stainless steel tubes. Ending with a cyclone separator that incorporates cool air, residual moisture is further minimised, and the PET flakes are then cooled for storage.

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M. No.BodyRotary BladeHeightWidthLengthMotorPer Hour
9”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 5”1 Fit 5”2 Fit3 HP ( 1440RPM)35 To 45
12”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 8”2 Fit 2”2 Fit 6”5 HP ( 1440RPM)60 To 70
18”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix6 Fit3 Fit 2”5 Fit 5”15 HP ( 1440RPM)150 To 250
24”MS6 Rotary Blade 4 Fix6 Fit 6”3 Fit 6”5 Fit20 HP ( 1440RPM)250 To 350
36”MS12 Rotary Blade 4 Fix7 Fit4 Fit 6”6 Fit30 HP ( 1440RPM)350 To 500

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