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The centrifugal dewatering force of the PET flakes drying machine separates the water. PET flakes are fed into the dryer through the inlet hopper, where they are moved back and forth by the dryer’s rotor paddles. The shaft’s final component is a blower-like device that transports PET to the next step.

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After dewatering, the moisture rate of PET flakes will be decreased to 2-3%; if the heat exchanger is supplemented subsequently, the moisture rate can be further reduced to 0.7 percent. It’s more than enough to suit the needs of downstream applications. To achieve the largest output capacity and lowest moisture content, specially designed shaft and anti-block screens are advantageous. The plastic dryer has the advantage of having a low breakdown rate and being easier to maintain. The next generation of PET flakes dryers features a step-type shaft design that separates water while also cleaning PET flakes.

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M. No.BodyRotary BladeHeightWidthLengthMotorPer Hour
9”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 5”1 Fit 5”2 Fit3 HP ( 1440RPM)35 To 45
12”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 8”2 Fit 2”2 Fit 6”5 HP ( 1440RPM)60 To 70
18”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix6 Fit3 Fit 2”5 Fit 5”15 HP ( 1440RPM)150 To 250
24”MS6 Rotary Blade 4 Fix6 Fit 6”3 Fit 6”5 Fit20 HP ( 1440RPM)250 To 350
36”MS12 Rotary Blade 4 Fix7 Fit4 Fit 6”6 Fit30 HP ( 1440RPM)350 To 500

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