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Our one-of-a-kind zig-zag air classifier distinguishes light impurities from heavy plastics and is frequently used in our PET bottle recycling operations. The air classifier does a fantastic job of partially drying the material stream in addition to being used for separation. Material bottles are crushed and granulated into flakes that contain PET plastic as well as impurities like paper and plastic labels in PET bottle recycling. Because they are less in weight, the zig-zag air classifier can effectively eliminate these containments.

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Air classifiers distinguish lighter materials from heavier ones by using air as a medium. A mixed material stream is deposited into a sorting chamber with a rising air column. Lighter objects are blown out a top exit when the material mixes and is blown upwards, while heavier objects are blown via a bottom exit. The zig-zag air classifier can be utilised in other applications where materials streams need to be separated by weight, in addition to PET bottle recycling.

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FinishColor Coated
Frequency50-60 Hz
PhaseThree Phase
Voltage380 V
Country of OriginMade in India
Usage/ApplicationIndustrial Use
MaterialSS / MS

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