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Our two-stage plastic extruder machine is designed specifically for light materials (Plastic Glass,Cup etc). It’s simple to use and produces consistently high-quality granules without the need for maintenance. This machine does not require the use of an Agglo or Grinder. By removing the agglo and grinder processes, LD Liner Waste Feeding can save labour costs, electricity costs, and granule quality.

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The screw extruder is a two-stage extruder that uses pressure and shear force created by screw movement to thoroughly plasticize and equally mix the material before producing it through the mouth die. To achieve greater mixing and output, the first mixing extruder is usually run at a high speed. A big diameter single screw extruder capable of low-speed operation must be the second extruder in the two-stage extruder series.

Specifications :

M. No.BodyRotary BladeHeightWidthLengthMotorPer Hour
9”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 5”1 Fit 5”2 Fit3 HP ( 1440RPM)35 To 45
12”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 8”2 Fit 2”2 Fit 6”5 HP ( 1440RPM)60 To 70
18”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix6 Fit3 Fit 2”5 Fit 5”15 HP ( 1440RPM)150 To 250
24”MS6 Rotary Blade 4 Fix6 Fit 6”3 Fit 6”5 Fit20 HP ( 1440RPM)250 To 350
36”MS12 Rotary Blade 4 Fix7 Fit4 Fit 6”6 Fit30 HP ( 1440RPM)350 To 500

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