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Agglomeration machines are a cost-effective approach to recycle polymers with thin walls. Agglomeration machines are used to physically convert free plastic into chips that can be fed into an extruder’s hopper. An agglomerator is a cylinder with five to nine stationary blades at the bottom and two moving blades that create friction and heat. The material reaches the softening point as a result of this process. At this point, the operator adds some water to generate a shock effect. After the water evaporates, the material is discharged as chips through a pneumatically driven discharge door. Agglomerators can be used to dry and densify materials.

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Our drums are custom-made to meet the demands of your specific procedure and material. Agglomerators are appropriate for high-volume agglomeration processes or where a chemical reaction is required, such as in the manufacturing of granular fertilisers.
Agglomerators agglomerate material by tumbling it in a spinning drum with a binding agent. The binding agent makes the fines sticky, which allows them to gather up other fines and create agglomerates, a process known as coalescence. The tumbling movement aids in the agglomeration of the agglomerates and the creation of a homogenous mixture.

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24"25 HP55-60 kg/hr
28"35-40 HP110 - 120 kg/hr
30"35-40 HP130 - 150 kg/hr
32”50-60 HP150 – 200 kg/hr

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