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Many companies employ Sorting Belt Conveyors to update their systems since they are widely used for sorting, grading, and inspection of diverse materials. We manufacture and serve a wide range of clients with sorting belt conveyors. The conveyor belt is made of food-grade PVC and has a stable design that allows for a constant slow conveying pace. These robust grade conveyors are highly durable and efficient, and they are available at market-leading prices.

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The Sorting Conveyor Belt is useful for separating quartz from a variety of mineral products that contain both types of impurities. These products are available to our clients at very inexpensive pricing.

Specifications :

M. No.BodyRotary BladeHeightWidthLengthMotorPer Hour
9”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 5”1 Fit 5”2 Fit3 HP ( 1440RPM)35 To 45
12”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix3 Fit 8”2 Fit 2”2 Fit 6”5 HP ( 1440RPM)60 To 70
18”MS6 Rotary Blade 2 Fix6 Fit3 Fit 2”5 Fit 5”15 HP ( 1440RPM)150 To 250
24”MS6 Rotary Blade 4 Fix6 Fit 6”3 Fit 6”5 Fit20 HP ( 1440RPM)250 To 350
36”MS12 Rotary Blade 4 Fix7 Fit4 Fit 6”6 Fit30 HP ( 1440RPM)350 To 500

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