Exporter of Plastic Scrap Turbo Washing Machine in Liberia

Supplier of Plastic Scrap Turbo Washing Machine in Liberia

Exporter of Plastic Scrap Turbo Washing Machine in Liberia

Established in 2008 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, R Mech Machines LLP has swiftly become a global leader in the manufacturing, supplying, and Exporter of Plastic Scrap Turbo Washing Machine in Liberia.

With a commitment to efficiency and environmental responsibility, our machines play a pivotal role in transforming plastic scrap into high-quality recycled plastic pellets.

Innovation in Design:

Our Plastic Scrap Turbo Washing Machine stands as a testament to cutting-edge industrial equipment, designed for the efficient and eco-friendly cleaning and processing of plastic scrap materials.

The innovative features incorporated into the machine make it an indispensable asset in the global recycling industry.


High-Speed Turbo Agitation: The machine employs a high-speed turbo agitator, utilizing powerful water jets to dislodge contaminants like dirt, labels, and adhesives from plastic scrap.

Water Recycling System: An advanced water recycling system minimizes water consumption, showcasing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Energy Efficiency: Prioritizing energy efficiency, our machines utilize technologies like variable frequency drives (VFDs) and insulated chambers, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

Easy Maintenance: Designed for user convenience, our machines feature accessible components and user-friendly interfaces, simplifying routine inspections and repairs.


Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling
Industrial Plastic Scrap Recycling
Agricultural Plastic Film Recycling
Plastic Packaging Recycling
Plastic Bottle Recycling
Customized Recycling Solutions
Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention
Sustainable Manufacturing

Global Reach:

R Mech Machines serves as a reliable Exporter of Plastic Scrap Turbo Washing Machine in Liberia and Namibia, with a presence in various locations such asArthington, Barclayville, Bensonville, Bopolu, Buchanan, Buutuo, Careysburg, Clay-Ashland, Edina, Fish Town, Ganta, Gbarnga, Greenville, Harbel, Harper, Kakata, Monrovia (capital), Marshall, Paynesville, Pleebo, River Cess, Robertsport, Sacleipea, Sanniquellie, Tubmanburg, Tuzon, Virginia, Voinjama, Yekepa, Zorzor, Zwedru.

Our commitment to providing high-quality products extends globally.

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