Exporter Of Screw Conveyors in Kenya

Exporter Of Screw Conveyors in Kenya

Exporter Of Screw Conveyors in Kenya

Exporter Of Screw Conveyors in Kenya:

R Mech Machines LLP is a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter Of Screw Conveyors in Kenya

The company offers a comprehensive range of machinery including Plastic Scrap Turbo Washing Machines, Plastic Scrap Grinder Machines, Plastic Scrap Shredder Machines, Blade Sharpening Machines, Screw Press Squeezer Machines, Friction Washer Machines, and more.

Functionality of Screw Conveyors: Screw conveyors are utilized as efficient material handling tools, facilitating the movement of bulk materials to a uniform or sloping plane.

They excel in breaking down material chunks, enabling the conveyance of various types of materials, whether dry, coarse, sluggish, thick, or liquid.


Steel body structure for durability

Heavy loaded wheel for enhanced performance

Half round mesh design for efficient material handling

Low power consumption, contributing to cost-effectiveness

User-friendly operation for ease of use

Available with rotary knives for versatile functionality

Simple elimination process for maintenance convenience

Longer running life for sustained performance

Negligible maintenance requirements, reducing downtime

Smooth finish for quality output


Chemical Processing

Mining and Mineral Operations

Power Plants

Wastewater Facilities

Food Industry Equipment

Grain Handling

Cement Mixers

Iron and Steel Factories

Paper Industry

Export Locations:

R Mech Machines Exporter Of Screw Conveyors in Kenya, covering locations such as Naragoi, Bungoma, Dadaab, Eldoret, Killfi, Kisil, Lamu, Litein, Lodwar, Lokichoggio, Mombasa, Moyale, Ruiru, Voi, Mumias, Nairobi, Nanyuki, Narok, Wajir, Watamu, Webuye, Wote, and Wundanyi.

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