Exporter of Screw Conveyors in Guinea

Exporter of Screw Conveyors in Guinea

Exporter of Screw Conveyors in Guinea

R Mech Machines LLP is a global leader in the supply and manufacture of recycling machinery that processes various plastic materials and products.

Screw conveyors, or auger conveyors, are industrial equipment used to transport bulk quantities of granular solids, semi-solids, liquids, and even non-flowing materials from one point to another.

They uphold high operational efficiency by eliminating the need for workers to manually move around loads.

Screw conveyors primarily consist of a rotating screw shaft installed within a trough. As the screw shaft rotates, the material moves linearly.


Steel body structure
Heavy-loaded wheel
Half-round mesh
Low power consumption
Available with rotary knives
Simple elimination
Longer running life
Negligible maintenance
Smooth finish

Process of Screw Conveyors:

Loading: Material is fed into the screw conveyor’s inlet. The rotating screw, commonly referred to as the “auger,” effectively and continuously carries the material along its entire length, ensuring seamless and consistent movement throughout the conveyor system.

Transportation: As the screw rotates, the material moves forward inside the conveyor tube.

Inclination: Screw conveyors can be installed horizontally, inclined, or vertically, depending on the application requirements.

Variations: Different types of screw conveyors exist, including shaftless screw conveyors for sticky materials and flexible screw conveyors for irregularly shaped particles.

Speed and Capacity: The speed of the screw and the conveyor’s dimensions determine the capacity and rate of material movement.

Applications: Screw conveyors, with their versatile and reliable design, find extensive usage in various industries, notably agriculture, mining, food processing, wastewater treatment, and numerous others, where they excel in efficiently handling and transporting bulk materials with ease and precision.


Regular maintenance, including inspection of the screw, bearings, and drive system, ensures smooth and safe conveyor operation.

R Mech Machines is an exporter of Screw Conveyors in Guinea, including Conakry, Labe, Kankan, Nzérékoré, Kindia, Gueckedou, Boke, Kissidougou, Coyah, Mamou.

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